Meet Dom: The miserablist behind AngryBritain.com

Fed up?

Fed up that no one listens to how you feel about Britain today, what you want and that the daily grind is nothing more than well, a grind? You’re not alone.

My name is Dom Bradbury and I’ve spent over 40 years on this planet now, and it’s not getting any better.

Angry about MPs lining their own Swiss bank accounts, the price of petrol, neverending taxes, poor manners, rudeness, bad customer service, bad driving, worse parking and celebrities strutting around like untouchable peacocks? Then this is the website for you.

If you’re easily offended, workshy, have dubious politics or beliefs about someone who is a different colour to you, it definitely isn’t and I suggest you leave immediately.

I don’t mind what you want to get off your chest or when you want to do it but please vent your anger here and tell your friends to do the same.

There’s no better way to get results than a very public shaming!

How does it work?

Simply seek us out on social media using the buttons at the top of the page, and vent your spleens at us.

We’ll share the best/worst/funniest ones on our channels on Twitter and Facebook to amplify your anger, and get you noticed.

Join us on Twitter daily at 9am for #AngryOClock, and see what’s getting up other people’s noses!

You’ll also find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so whatever your preference on social, we’ve got you covered. And if it’s driving that’s driving you nuts, then find our dedicated Twitter account @ShameADriver for the worst of Britain’s driving.

If you’re having problems with a customer care issue, tell us about it, and we’ll give the company concerned a public shaming, you’d be surprised how quickly things get fixed when we’re involved …

Welcome to AngryBritain.com, the online home of fed up Brits!


AngryBritain aka Dom Bradbury is available for press enquiries 24 hours a day thanks to his trusty iAngry.

Since 2008, AngryBritain.com has grown from something that was dreamt up on a drunken night out into a dubious online personality providing analysis and opinion pieces on BBC Radio 5 Live, The BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio Northampton, BBC Radio Wales, BBC West Midlands, BFBS and Liverpool’s City Talk 105.9.

With over 35,000 highly engaged followers on Twitter our Tweets have had coverage in pretty much every major UK publication including The Times, The Sunday Mirror, The Sunday People, The Sun, Metro, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and on BBC Radio 2 and the XFM London Breakfast Show, BBC Asian Network and during various UK TV shows like BBC Breakfast and The Wright Stuff and SkyNews

Thanks to Kim Kardashian’s backside, and weasels riding woodpeckers, we’ve also been featured on Access Hollywood, CNN and USA today, and even as far afield as China Radio International and Australian news channel News.com.au – in the middle of the night.

We write regularly for Daily ExpressMirror Online, MSN UK as well as live-tweeting for The Sunday People during the X-Factor and other reality show nonsense.

AngryBritain’s growing network of dodgy showbiz insiders has helped us break news and gossip first including the 2010 Sports Personality of The Year Shortlist and Jason Manford’s departure from the One Show with these stories appearing in the mainstream press. We’re particularly good at keeping secrets until the time is right.

We’re more than happy to gob-off publicly on any topic regarding life in Britain today, celebrity nonsense and TV so please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email, tweet or blog. We will provide a contact number once your enquiry has been qualified. If you are from the BBC our contact number is already available from 5 Live, BBC WM or BBC Breakfast – we will expect a fee mind. Tea and biscuits don’t cut it now we’re internationally famous, neither does some exposure on your crappy website, we simply don’t need it.

AngryBritain has also helped a number of TV production companies and channels finding people for pilot TV shows and to promote and raise online awareness for new shows with our Live Tweets. So far we’ve worked with Endemol, C4, MTV, BBC Three, ITV, ITN, Princess Productions and MonkeyKingdom.

If you’re a company with something to flog to the masses and you need help to do that, we’re also open to those opportunities. We’ve got that all-important blue tick on Twitter, and an average monthly reach of 1.3m. Some might even call us an ‘Influencer’, but like, an actual one.

If you need a big opinion on life in Britain today, what are you waiting for?


We want YOU on our tellybox to rant about whatever you feel like. Upload a video clip to YouTube then drop us a tweet or an email and we’ll get you on. Here’s the sort of thing we’re after:


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