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Fed up that no one listens to how you feel about Britain today, what you want and that the daily grind is nothing more than well, a grind? Angry about David Cameron, the price of petrol, neverending taxes, poor manners, rudeness and bad customer service? then this is the website for you. We don’t mind what you want to get off your chest or when you want to do it but please vent your anger here and tell your friends to do the same. The more noise you make, the more chance there is of someone doing something about it.

Welcome to AngryBritain.com, the online home of fed up Britons. You shout, they listen. Maybe.


Simply email your rants to angryman@angrybritain.com or tweet them @AngryBritain and on our Beef page we will aim to publish as many of them as we can and as regularly as possible. We’ll aim to update the Blog page regularly too so bookmark that for our latest thoughts and news. You can get involved in the discussion in our Forum, it’s quick, easy and free to register. For now though, take a look around and share us with your friends. The site has a Facebook page for those who use that and you’ll also find us on Twitter.


1. No Incitement - Those comments just aren’t welcome here. Racism, Sexism, Terrorism etc – No thank you.

2. No Libel - For obvious reasons. If you can’t prove it in an English Court of Law. Don’t say it. Simple.

3. No Swearing - This is a place for intelligent debate and argument. The English language is made up of more than several four letter words so please use them. For the Smart-Alecs out there, this rule does not apply to me. It’s my site and I can do as I please.

If you don’t like these rules, go and find another rant site.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to AngryBritain.com!

  1. I work for Tesco in Old Swan, have done for the last 7 and a half years. Didn’t do well in university after working so hard to get there so I had to quit due to failing core modules. The thing that makes me angry is that the fact that Tesco are making billions in profit every year yet despite asking for more hours they don’t think I’m worthy of full time. Here I am at nearly 28-years-old having to justify my existence due to a failing economy and over half the people I see elevated to better positions do not possess the intelligence or class required to go further. The moral of the story is that if they believe you’ll still be working for Tesco in 5 years time then you’ll be fine otherwise “What is the point of you?”…you’re scum to us!!!

    • Hi Adam sorry to hear you’re not getting the hours and the development you are looking for at Tesco.You see less capable people being promoted above you and I know that is really infuriating.But you also recognise that you need to impress upon the company that you will be committing yourself to 5 years at the company if you want to get on.
      The solution here is simple- tell your boss today that you now see your future at Tesco and you want to give it 110% effort to move forward.Ask him for more stuff to do and put in for any courses they run. Yoiur boss will be so please that someone is keen he will give you some of his work to do and you can then raise your profile and improve your capabilities and CV. Then when it suits you look elsewhere for another job with a promotion and a pay rise.Easy!

  2. Cost of living up and supermarkets getting away with high profits while customers are the ones suffering.Council tax too high, One member of the public had said what to empty the bins. The councils get too much money,As not much done.And public bus service are a joke it was better in the 1970s than today in country area’s.As said by a public survey.It was a shock to find out that most of our electical products and white goods now come from Europe,And our clothes.Not made in the uk now,Only tumble dryers.We work longer hours than Europe and pay tax for council,Tax for you car,Tax from your pay.High VAT on clothes and food.What next in the uk will the Goverment tax the air we breath.

  3. I’ve just stumbled across this website looking through Twitter comments for my company brilliant what a great find!! this is definitely the place I’ll be venting my British anger about how much better Britain was in the good old days! love this website best find of the day so far :)

  4. I want to rant about people’s driving especially here in the south east it’s absolutely shocking.I do about 2000 miles a month and everyday I see people driving along blissfully unaware of the traffic around them. Roundabouts really get me people are so lazy they don’t even signal so you are forever guessing which direction they are going so you can get in the right lane.It’s Ok when you have all the time in the world to dither and faff about but some of us have a business to run!Also parking you see so many cars taking up 2 slots along the road why can’t the council put a white line on the wall opposite the end of the parking area so people can judge when they are correctly parked?
    As for the road system here it is absolutely hopeless .I spend at least 1 hour every morning stuck in traffic jams on the M25 , the M23 and the A27 just because of the poor management of traffic flow eg whole lanes being blocked off just because 2 idiots have had a minor shunt – the police seem to think they have the right to clog up the whole motorway just to deal with a tiny dent! But the real fault is the clueless motorists pottering along in cloud cuckooland slamming straight into the car in front because they were too busy yapping to their friend on the phone or searching in their bag for their stupid smart phone to do a bit of texting their brainess opinions to some other halfwit.

  5. Some great points made and i agree with almost all of them!

    Myself… I hate paying 167 pounds for a transport service (mainly first capital connect) that is 8/10 always late… 8/10 always a bloody 4 coach carriage which forces you to become a squigged sardine for the rest of your 45 minute journey, and never get a seat which you paid for. I don’t want to claim 2 pounds off my ticket.. i want the dam train to be on time.

    Also, to all those unbelievable individuals on the train who have no idea of personal space. Yes, we are all needing to get on the train, and i accept we must get a bit up close and personal… but… Why oh Why… in this circumstance…on a packed train….. would you whip out your hard back cover book or the financial times when there is barley enough room for your face? Baring in mind these have all been people who are suited and booted like me, going to work. That is worrying.

    And for the people who suddenly develop acute hearing impairment when someone politely asks (then is forced to shout) you to move down the carriage…… i know some of us are short, and can’t reach the overhead rail.. which is annoying and you would rather not fall flat on your face. But for goodness sake let people get passed you! Also, the train has stopped man… let go… of the rail so people can move passed you to exit the train. I am pretty sure the rail will not run away….

    One other thing… i don’t know if anyone else has had a similar experience.. but when i wear my smart jacket, walking down the streets of London people tend not to bash into me as much. But the minute i have my duffle jacket with a hood on suddenly I become a bashing bag, people don’t move out of the way walking down a road, im always forced to walk on the edge and hardly ever let me get off the train first. Bizarre right? What is the psychology behind this behavior!?

    Ah that’s my end of week moan. Bring on the sunny weather… lets hope this winter doesn’t linger folks! Great idea by the way! Sorry about the rant. Lovely weekend all!

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